INTRODUCING THE NEW UPDATED PES G4 WHIPPLE 140AX BASED SUPERCHARGER SYSTEM FOR THE AUDI R8 4.2L 4V FSI ENGINE. The new system uses the highly regarded Whipple 140AX 2.3 liter twin screw supercharger at its heart. This screw compressor is by far the best supercharger available today. It’s the only supercharger to provide a positive displacement design for maximum low-end torque as well as high efficiency for maximum top-end horsepower. No other supercharger in the world can offer the same unique benefits. The resulting power is an impressive 625HP and 510Ft/lbs torque.

The addition of forced induction necessitates enhanced fuel delivery to ensure the correct air/fuel ratio for performance and safety. The kit includes PES’s in house ECU recalibrating using factory DAMOS calibration files and offers ultra smooth drivability, and seamless power delivery. This is the same tuning method that Audi calibration engineers use. The G4 FSI system is the result of over 4 years of design and road testing using data logging software. Our vehicles are tested under a wide variety of driving conditions ranging from "easy" daily commutes to severe track conditions. We also test our systems in a broad range of temperatures, from bitter winter cold to blazing summer heat. Testing is also conducted using both Dynojet and Mustang dynamometers. We are so confident in the reliability of the system that we offer a one year, unlimited mileage warranty on all system components. The NEW R8 G4 Whipple 140AX system delivers a healthy 11psi boost fed through an air/liquid intercooler system which is separate from the cars cooling system. With 3 heat exchangers in the front bumper this highly efficient system provides an increase of 50% over stock HP and TQ. The system also includes upgrades to the high pressure fuel pumps to ensure adequate fueling. The systems enormous boost in power turns the R8 into a true supercar to rival the world’s best. The tachometer seems to move through the RPM range at twice the speed of stock. The system includes all parts needed for a perfect installation. The system retains a clean, OEM under hood appearance. The system works equally well on manual or R-Tronic transmissions. The inlet manifold is also tapped to accommodate direct port water/methanol injection should you desire. The PES R8 system has been thoroughly tested on the road and track. The G4 equipped “R8 Raptor” placed 3rd in the 2009 Bull Run cross country race.

If you are looking for a much needed power boost for your 4.2 R8 with factory like smoothness and driveability, look no further than PES.

Price: $22,000

[Video] - PES Supercharged R8 [Video] - PES Supercharged R8 Dyno [Video] - Novitech Tuning Supercharged R8 [Video] - R8 Stock Run [Video] - Audi R8 4.2 Supercharged
filmed byMatt at The Smoking Tire

Integrated OEM style air/liquid intercooler core

New 8 rib drive belt system with tensioner and lightweight aluminum flywheel (60% lighter than stock!)

3 Setrab heat exchangers used in system.

R8 MP112 system with optional PES carbon engine panels



whipple based g4 for rs5 and b8 rs4 released

PES is proud to introduce our latest supercharger system forthe Audi RS5 and B8 RS4. The new system uses the highly regarded Whipple 140AX2.3 liter tw...


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